Monday, November 15, 2010

Blusher Mondays (The Second)

Back to blushes!

First up, Benefit CoraLISTA versus Rimmel's Pink Sorbet and Milani Luminous, supposed dupes! Milani was one of my first blushers, from I bought Rimmel from Target several months ago, to stave off my lemming. CoraLISTA is a relatively new purchase for me (I heart it), and I am curious to see how they compare!

As you can see from comparing them in-pan, CoraLISTA is the darkest and most coral, while Rimmel is the lightest and most pink. All have golden shimmer.

When swatched however, they are quite similar. Pink Sorbet is the chalkiest, and shows the least amount of shimmer. Luminous and CoraLISTA are both nice coral-pinky shades with gold shimmer. Although Benefit's is a tiny bit smoother Milani is actually better pigmented.

These were all surprisingly difficult to do arm swatches with, I tried brush and fingers! This was the best I could do.
Pink Sorbet seems the most orange, Luminous the most pink and CoraLISTA the sheerest, most frosty, and the truest coral color. I don't know if they are all dupes, but they are all comprable.

And so ends another Blusher Monday.

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  1. Thanks so much for this comparison! I am loving my Pink Sorbet better than Coralista, and it's because of the lack of gold shimmer! Thanks for describing the blushes so well. :) I thought Coralista and Pink Sorbet were dupes! Your swatches are so helpful. Keep it up, please!